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Advocacy Group and Pastor City AVRA
Valley Community Baptist Church 
Jay Abramson
Avon CT001 2000 BGC
Walnut Hill Community Church 
Clive Calver
Bethel CT002 2500 EVAN
First Cathedral 
Leroy Bailey
Bloomfield CT003 3500 BAPT
New Beginnings Community Church 
Robert Cassara
Darien CT004 2000 NONDENOM
Crossroads Community Cathedral 
Terry Wiles
E. Hartford CT005 2000 AG
Black Rock Congregational Church 
Stephen Treash
Fairfield CT006 2000 NONDENOM
Kingdom Life Christian Church 
Jay Ramirez
Milford CT007 2500 NONDENOM
Faith Church 
Frank Santora
New Milford CT008 2000 NONDENOM