Government Recruitments

Today most of the challenging and exciting jobs are offered by the government sector. In this unpredictable world only government jobs can ensure job security. The pension plans and the future security are higher than any other private sector job. The growth of new entrepreneurs and private sector jobs has not been able to reduce […]

Government Locksmiths

Government locksmiths become licensed under the Security Industry Protection Act. Three important institutions linked with government locksmiths are Master Locksmiths of America, Connected Locksmiths of America, and British Locksmiths Institute. One of the crucial aspects of the government locksmith’s job is discretion. Having a country’s security at risk, any government office must be serviced only […]

Property Video Protection Versus Government Video Surveillance

This article compares the growing consumer market for CCTV surveillance for homes and stores and the larger capability of government and police forces to use closed-circuit security cameras, ostensibly to prevent street crime or terrorism. Technology advances in digital cameras have made video recording accessible to everyone from the teenager with a cell phone to […]

The Prostituting of the Government – A Look at Elliot Spitzer

It is amazing sometimes the utter hypocrisy in government. As an example let me use the former Attorney General of New York, Mr. Elliot Spitzer, who was to be the savior of corporate corruption. He build his political career promising to take a bite out of corporate crime and return faith to the markets and […]

Storm of Crime on the Horizon

There is a storm on the horizon. However, it is not a natural or climatic storm, but a storm of crime, unfortunately to say! Due to economic, social and governmental factors, the United States will soon see a massive increase in crime and criminal activity.   There are three seemingly independent situations that are going […]

Crime Victims’ Compensation Will Be Paid By Prisoners, Says Government

Victims of crime who have been unable to claim the compensation to which they feel they are entitled will be given a boost after the government revealed it is set to introduce new measures that will see prisoners working a full-time week, with proceeds of their labour going to pay compensation to those affected by […]