When asked their opinion of the United States Congress, the majority of people respond something like this:

The United States Congress is comprised of mostly self-serving Individuals who are greedy, power hungry and corrupt.  They leverage their influence and sell their votes to special interest groups, lobbyists, large corporations and rich Individual contributors.  It is no secret that the majority of their time is dedicated to increasing their personal wealth, soliciting campaign contributions for the next election and taking vacations!  It is apparent that these activities take priority over taking care of the American people’s business.

To Every American Citizen who loves our Great Country:


Unless you have been hiding under rock, had your head buried in the sand or you are so fed up that you ignore politics altogether, you know that the United States of America has a priority ticket on a hell bound train!  Are you as sick and tired as we are of the lying and thieving politicians, biased media outlets (both liberal and conservative), big money special interest groups, lobbyists, attorneys and all the other leeches and scum that inhabit Washington, D.C. and run our government? If so, then take heart and read on.

We are not interested in politically correct, soft spoken or wishy-washy people wanting to further their own personal agendas.  We are looking for loyal, honest, straight-forward people who believe in God, love this great country and want to see it returned to its original constitutional glory!  Judeo-Christian values in America have a basis in the Declaration of Independence and other founding documents as our Founding Fathers intended.   We need people who are honest and will stand up for what they believe in.  This is critical if we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy the same opportunities and freedoms that our Founding Fathers envisioned for all Americans and that thousands of  patriots have given their lives to protect.

Our country was once governed by real statesmen who acknowledged they worked for the voters who elected them to office.  Sadly, our country is now governed by a group of self-centered, self-indulging career politicians who pander to the aforementioned big money special interest groups and large corporations.  They are tantamount to liars and thieves.  They are doing things to undermine the Constitution that our Founding Fathers warned us against.  Their worst fears are coming true right now, even as you are reading this!

As you know, the original American Revolution was caused by the people being unfairly taxed without having any representation regarding government policies.  That is exactly the same situation that we middle class Americans are facing today!  The middle class in America is quickly disappearing and soon there will be only two classes; rich and poor.  The problem is our over grown, power-crazed, out of control government that is owned and controlled by the wealthy elitist establishment.  The ruling class is systematically taking over our government and silently destroying our freedom of speech, religious liberties and our right to bear arms!  The average American feels totally helpless!  We have no real voice in our government and the vast majority of the members of congress (and those to whom they cater) could not care less.

It is appalling that the members of the United States Congress are not required to follow the same laws as the people they represent. That’s right, your congressman can participate in insider trading without fear of repercussions.  It is ludicrous that the people we elected to write the laws do not have to abide by all of the laws that are enforced on every other American citizen.

The democratic and republican parties are ruining our great nation.  They have a lock on the political system and each party is just as corrupt as the other.  If we keep doing the things we have always done, we will keep getting the results that we have always gotten.  WE MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!  Talk is cheap, we have to unite and do whatever is necessary to take our country back from the Washington, D.C. Syndicate!  The American Voter Revolution is the vehicle that will allow middle class American citizens, with God’s help, to take our great country back in a legal and peaceable way utilizing our right to vote.  Please join with us and be a part of the most critically important reform movement for the people of the United States of America since the first American Revolution!