Ladies and gentlemen, lets forget about the Democratic party, Republican party, red states, blue states, liberals, conservatives, being politically correct and all the other partisan crap that politicians have been shoving down our throats for years! We are AMERICANS; red, white and blue! We have sat on our lazy asses and allowed the career politicians, special interest groups, lobbyists, large corporations, wealthy individuals, and the two major political parties to take our country and government away from the American people. 

Samuel Adams said it best, “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin”.

THAT TIME IS NOW!  The strength and backbone of America has always been the God-fearing, honest, hard-working, middle-class people! The average American citizen use to believe that the government and our elected officials had the best interest of the people as their main focus. Even if that were the case at some earlier time, it certainly is not their main focus today. The American middle-class is disappearing and we are quickly becoming a nation of two classes; rich and poor! If we, the average American common-sense voters do not stand together against our corrupt government and the Wall Street fat cats, our children, grandchildren and future generations will lose the priceless freedom and liberties that Americans have taken for granted. They will be nothing more than servants and slaves to the rich and powerful ruling class scumbags that will own our government and control the citizenry! The choice is ours; shall we give up and do nothing or do we revive the GREAT AMERICAN SPIRIT with a voter revolution unlike anything this country has ever seen? We must unite and stand together to demand representation in our government by the people that we elect!

Total Voting-Eligible Population (VEP) in USA     215,081,000
Total Registered Voters in USA                                                                                           (65.1% of the VEP)     140,018,000
The Total Votes cast in the 2012 Presidential Election ( General Election )                        (56.5% of the VEP)     121,521,000
Total Registered Voters that did not cast a ballot in the 2012 General Election                  ( 8.6% of the VEP)   18,497,000
Total Voting-Eligible Population in the USA that are not registered to vote                         (34.9% of the VEP)   75,063,000
Total Non-Registered & Registered Eligible Voters not voting in 2012 General Election    (43.5% of VEP)   93,560,000

The graph at the top of the page shows how we can recruit people for the American Voter Revolution. If each person that participates will just get four other people (family, friends, neighbors and co-workers), it will be amazing how fast we can grow the number of AVR members and supporters. If you just consider the number of voting eligible people that are not registered along with the registered people that do not vote, you can see by the numbers above that we do not have to have any Republicans or Democrats to have a massive voter coalition. However, we believe there is a substantial number of disenchanted Democratic and Republican voters that will join with us independent voters in our efforts to reform our out of control government. We have become a society of lazy, skeptical, let someone else do it, non-socializing electronic device using people! I can assure you that our government and the ruling class that are currently in control expect that we will do nothing. Please do some soul searching, look your children and grandchildren in the eyes and then tell me if you are willing to be satisfied with the status-quo. We are praying that your answer will be an emphatic NO, NOT ME; THE STATUS QUO HAS GOT TO GO!