As you might well imagine, it is difficult to cover everything that needs to be addressed and/or changed with our current federal government.  There are twelve problems listed below that we believe need to be addressed immediately! 

1.   Career Politicians whose main objective is their re-election and gaining personal wealth.  Their goal is to become a power broker and when they do leave office, they are rewarded by some of their special interests with a extremely high paying lobbyist job;  Washington DC is nothing more than “A Den of Thieves”!   This must be stopped! 

2.   Elected officials who knowingly cheat, steal, lie and use taxpayer money for personal benefit!  They think the taxpayer’s money belongs to them!  This is nothing less than stealing from the taxpayers that elected them to office.

3.   Senators and Representatives who think that the American taxpayers work for them.  They believe the average middle-class American is a dumb-ass!  The reason for this is that they do whatever they want to and the voters just go the the polls and re-elect them.  REALLY?  Maybe we are stupid!

4.   Big Corporations buying favors with money and gifts to Congressmen, Senators, cabinet members, department heads, staff members and even the President!  These are bribes in the form of campaign contributions and other perks from businesses, Wall Street money brokers, wealthy individuals and other institutions.  In exchange, the politicians vote for and influence other representative’s votes.  This is the main reason there are so many loopholes in the tax code for the rich and powerful!

5.   Special interest and lobbyist groups buying influence from the Congressmen and Senators in exchange for large campaign contributions.

6.  Crony Capitalism involving Representatives, Senators, the President and other elected or appointed officials within the administration, regardless of their political affiliations.  These people take care of each other by hiring family members, relatives and personal friends or giving them government contracts.  Most of these contracts are not even put out for bid; they just award them to people they want to have them.  The contract for several hundred million dollars for the Obamacare Website was awarded to a unqualified company because a VP of the company was college roommates with Michelle Obama!

7.   There are far too many departments and agencies created by the government bureaucracies and the American people’s hard earned tax dollars are being misused and wasted by the government agencies and employees.  This is totally ridiculous there needs to be more accountability to the taxpayers of America.  It is our money!

8.   The American middle class is being grossly over taxed by the government in order to finance all of the ridiculous programs that congress has enacted to keep their special interest groups happy and their campaign contributions flowing in.  The current 175,000 page tax code has got to be thrown out and replaced with a simple and equitable flat tax so we can eliminate the IRS!

9.   Campaign finances laws must be changed if the American people want to level the playing field so that an average person can have the opportunity to run for elected office. Even current third party candidates with substantial financial backing can not compete with the major party candidates.  The established media outlets will not even allow them to participate in the political process. Once again, the big money participants run the show and only allow the candidates that they control to take part in the process.

10. The Lame Stream Media is so deeply entrenched with the Democratic Party that it is virtually impossible for them to report the news objectively.  They choose what, when an how to report the news in order to favor the left wing liberals of the Democratic Party.  If they do not want the American people to know anything about specific issues, they just do not report on those issues.  They essentially are being an accomplice to covering up things that don’t suit the liberal’s agenda. Their theory is that the middle class American people are too stupid to understand and not capable of dealing with the issues. They  think most people will blindly believe whatever the biased media reposts as being the truth.

11. The right wing conservative media is almost as biased as the liberal media in regard to their reporting. They tend to report on the issues in a way that favors the conservative point of view.  Again, it is a matter of what suits each parties agenda and both camps try to spin the information to make the average American believe that they are only interested in what is best for the people.  It is nothing more than an attempt to manipulate and deceive the general public.  They think the average American is ignorant!

12. The two party system in America is corrupt! The only people  that benefit from either of the major political parties are the elected politicians and the party big wigs that have access to the money, Wall Street power brokers, lobbyists and the big corporation CEOs. There is only ONE WAY to correct this problem and that is to remove all of the career politicians and replace them with citizen legislators who are selfless individuals that care more for United States of America and the people than getting rich themselves!  They don’t need experience, they just need to be honest people with high moral character and a great work ethic!  The political parties say you need political experience. REALLY?  How has that been working out for the American people?